Innovative cosmetics 360º for professional hairdressing

We are committed to making our products accessible through various innovations and by putting the beauty professionals at the centre of our brand.

We are constantly working to offer our clients a better service. That is why the brand has been expanded to cover different areas of beauty: hair care, setting, colouring and styling.

We are in the middle of a constant innovative and development process where we keep creating and adapting more effective and sustainable formulas. Because of this, we always bear in mind the origin and the purpose of our products heading for greener and more natural cosmetics.

Having achieved a strong national presence and on reaching the African, American and European market our company keeps expanding. In Light Irridiance we do not set boundaries.

Our objective is to create cosmetic products which are able to take care of the environment and of the hair at the same time. In this context Natural Impulse. has been developed. This product line is the result of the innovation and research of Light Irridiance aimed to achieve natural, eco-friendly and accessible products for professionals.

Close to the professionals

Our relationship with the professionals is one of the most important factors for us. All the innovations and designs in our brand are intended to meet the demands of the professionals we work with all around the world.

Formulas inspired by nature

Every product is based on natural active principles whose effectiveness has been proved. We rely on nature to offer innovative, efficient and eco-friendly products that come out of the action of concentrated actives.


Animal Friendly


Effectiveness and affordability

International brand

We design for professionals